Hemoids Causes - What Causes Hemorrhoids Or Piles? Be Pain Free!

Published: 18th June 2009
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Hemroids Causes

There are two kinds of - external and internal hemroids causes. Thrombosed hemroids cuauses is essentially a complication of the external kind and it occurs when there's a blood clot on the inside of the anus - it's also called a thrombus. The clots happen just inside the skin in the veins that are in the colon. Routinely the symptoms of the disease include discomfort, and blood, but with thrombosed hemroids, the pain becomes highly serious, so much so that many doctors and patients like to remove using surgery them rather than looking for a medication to heal thrombosed hemroids in time.

Another Hemroids Causes standard feature of thrombosed hemroids is its color - these hemroids look blue and that is accounted to the vein strangulation that occurs below the skin. But it may also turn into red, and this occurs when the hemroids causes become irritated and therefore inflamed.

Size of the blood clot of thrombosed hemroids can change from one individual to another and customarily when the size is bigger, the pain also be more intense, especially while passing stool, and even if sitting and walking.

External hemroids causes are visible to the naked eye, and thrombosed hemroids are also no exception. Though it could be tough to identify for the untrained eye of the patient, but a doctor can do it easily, and also by physically inspecting the location of the discomfort. This is named a rectal exam.

It typically starts as a small bulge in the anal sphincter area that is hard to the touch. But it could also be soft and not hard at all. The veins are skin covered and look blue. And when the area swells it is red in color. But all this could be hard for the victim - to him typically it is the pain that is the 1st sign of hemroids causes.

Though hemroid causes treatment is available, many like surgery to obtain relief from the pain. There are many surgery options to select from, and the decision is principally taken by the doctor.

Injection Care : sometimes called sclerotheray, this surgery involves injecting a toughening agent that dries up the thrombosed hemroids causes or hemorrhoid. And since the agent is injected, it is named injection therapy.

Clot Removal: This is a comparatively faster surgery that is carried out on external hemroids causes and it doesn't even take long to hold this out. No hospitalization is also needed. Application of an anesthetic would take away the feeling from the patient and then the doctor will just cut the thrombosed hemroids causes away to give relief.

Infrared Surgery: Here infrared light is applied to get the desired results. The hemroids is burned off as a consequence. However infrared surgery is only possible when the thrombosed hemroids is comparatively smaller in size.

Though surgery is always an option, but it is not the only one as infrequently it can lead to complications, and that is why there are many who want to duck it. More so since a few great natural products for thrombosed hemroids have now become available.

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